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USA Green Card Application Process & Requirements

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Every year the US government makes available 50,000 !!!! Green Cards through the Green Card Diversity Immigration Visa Program. The Green Card lottery is open to every one, and YOU can apply and win US green card in the lottery.

It is very important to fill the application correctly with most updated information and fulfill all the requirements (such as, for example, properly attaching a picture to the application which is a somewhat uneasy process for beginners). If you make even a smallest mistake that violates the regulations, your application would be disqualified.

There is a number of green card lottery specialist companies which dedicate their experience to making the application process safe and easy; they help you properly fill the application and make sure it complies with the requirements, submit it in due time, and hold your hand from the very first step until the moment you cross the border and become a legal permanent resident of United States.

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Gap Between Economic Status of U.S. Immigrants and Natives
Last updated: 2007-04-19

Current study conducted by Ali Bergman of reveals the gap between the economic status of United States immigrants and United States natives as of April 2007. Entire Document

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